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Eagleflight possesses the ethos, values and methods necessary to train pilots to the highest standards. These are the standards that have given us a zero accident legacy across all operations and all training.

Eagleflight, through our fully owned brand North Shore Helicopters Limited, is approved to provide abinitio and advanced training. North Shore Helicopters meets all Civil Aviation Authority standards in areas such as safety, quality of training and aircraft maintenance - clearing us to operate under Part 141 of the Civil Aviation Regulations. Our experienced ‘A’ Cat Instructors have thousands of hours experience in both civilian and military operations and flight training. They use proven practical and real-world training methods to help students learn the fundamental disciplines of helicopter piloting; this gives them the confidence to make safe and informed decisions throughout their careers. 

Our training courses are delivered from our base at North Shore Airfield, Auckland where we have lecture rooms, briefing rooms and aircraft hangars. The facility also offers uncongested airspace, very close to Whenuapai and Auckland airports and close to a number of different training areas and facilities.
Our resources, facilities and location enable us to complete training in shorter time frames and at lower cost than government organisations.
Course options
Military and advanced courses
  • Private Pilot Programs
  • Professional Pilot
  • Instrument Rating (single and multi-engine)
  • Multi-engine conversion courses
  • Type conversion
  • Under slung load training
  • Turbine transition
  • Instructor programs
  • Internship programs
  • NVG (Night Vision Goggle) conversion
  • IERW (Initial Entry Rotor Wing)
  • Winch training
  • Custom courses
  • Line training
  • CRM course
  • ISR courses 
Accommodation and pastoral care

Offsite accommodation is provided on the North Shore of Auckland and includes meals, recreational facilities and exercise programs. The North Shore is one of Auckland’s most desirable areas to live – with stunning beaches, modern amenities and many recreational facilities close at hand.
Auckland is ranked one of the TOP 10 most liveable cities in the world.
English language teaching

English language programmes are available through our nearby partners. This allows students to meet the minimum standards of English Proficiency prior to commencing flight training. An additional ‘Aviation Language’ course is conducted at our main base.
Eagleflight  has the reputation you can count on
Eagleflight hangar pads


Eagleflight is one of the safest and most trusted providers of aviation solutions worldwide. Based in Auckland, New Zealand, we specialise in helicopter and fixed wing operations and aviation project management. In everything we do, flawless customer service is our number one priority.
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PHONE: (+64) 9 965 9900

ADDRESS: 1 Solent Street
Judges Bay 
Auckland, New Zealand