We welcome tender opportunities – large and small – to get our experienced team and aviation solutions working for you.

Our tender process


We first seek to understand your needs

  • What are your priorities and objectives?
  • What innovations we can bring to the contract?
  • Are there potential conflicts of interest?
We then consider resource and system requirements

  • What resources will your project need in terms of aircraft, management, pilots, support staff, political considerations, visas, and logistics?
  • Can we ensure quality, safety and operate in accordance with rules and policy?
  • Do we have appropriate hazard management and legal and insurance protection?
  • Does the contract align with our core company values and direction?
  • Is the project viable/profitable?

Contact Eagleflight with your enquiry

Phone +64 9 426 8287


Eagleflight is one of the safest and most trusted providers of aviation solutions worldwide. Based in Auckland, New Zealand, we specialise in helicopter and fixed wing operations and aviation project management. In everything we do, flawless customer service is our number one priority.
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PHONE: (+64) 9 965 9900

ADDRESS: 1 Solent Street
Judges Bay 
Auckland, New Zealand